Play, save, build – an interactive replacement to throw away behavior

In these recent years, there has been an enormous increase in the amount of plastic wastes trying to penetrate the consumption behavior of the inhabitants of these aesthetically calm and usually careful-about-environment places, I stumbled upon this snacks packaging at a small chai-ki-laari (shops selling tea and snacks) alongside the highway NH-52.

With offering a common game in place of nutritional and more-branding-oriented product graphics in its packaging, this brand has been trying to cultivate a playful behavior and also as an incremental step towards reducing throw-way of them.


“I have sold these for quite some time now, people tell me that these packets are worth keeping, they will come handy during their recess breaks. Who doesn’t mind to have something nice as ludo and saanp-siri (ludo and Snakes & Ladders), they play a lot”

“Usually contractual construction workers, truck drivers and travelers come here who want a short break and chit-chat. They collect it and save them. This free gift is actually something people want”

“Yes, I think many local people buy this over the the big ones (names a few brands) because it’s cheap and also with a free gift”

– the shop-keeper

With this incremental design change – a playful product graphics rather than an extensive branding, this product packaging has definitely been contributing to the overall waste-creating behavior of consumers even within its design constraints and available machinery  and material for production. An affair worth its effort for sure.



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