FULLUSE IT! – Sharing consumption

In the month of March 2015, Ellen MacArthur Foundation organized the DIF Hackathon 2015 simultaneously with at NID India, MIT USA and Cranfield University UK for 48 hours. Our team, we called it “Learn and Innovate”, participated with a team comprising of information technology hackers, strategic designers, product designers and engineers, all focused on helping the transition of the current market from being linear economic to completely circular economic. The hackathon was sponsored by Cisco and Phillips.

Project collaborators: Abhisekh Verma, Bhaskarjyoti Das, Gaurav Yeotkar, Kabyashree Borgohain and Tanya Swami.



Designing a tech-enabled P2P sharing of lifestyle goods for the Indian urban population.




Thank you for your time.


One thought on “FULLUSE IT! – Sharing consumption

  1. kabyablog says:

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    How are our desires influence by the products around us? Why are we always unsatisfied with what we have? Do the common men demands for all the product that are available in the market ? Is our choice influenced every now and then, If Yes, to what extent? How can we innovate systems and rethink to make them more sustainable ?


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